Hotset Productions in conjunction with CFLNET Web hosting Service allows your web site to be kept on one of our ultra fast web servers which is accessible to the entire Internet 24/7. This allows you to give information and/or sign up customers at any given time without being limited to normal 9-5 business hours.

The focal point of our hosting service is the Network Operations Center (NOC) in Orlando on the main Internet HUB of Florida sitting directly on the Internet backbones. If you want connectivity to the Internet, the CFLNET is the place to be. Your company will gain a professional web presence by using our powerful reliable Network. Our server is on a T3 which accesses multiple Internet connections. Our data center is engineered for security and reliability with uninterruptible power.

Multiple Domains: We offer free domain aliasing if you wish multiple domain names – perhaps a keyword optimized domain in addition to your brand – to resolve to the same web site. Aliases differ from redirects or pointing which are penalized by the search engines.

Our Guarantee: Each Web Hosting account comes with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee as well as same day account activation. Should you ever have any questions, our friendly technical support staff is available by e-mail or call 407 832-1970.

FTP Server: This option allows you to share important business files with colleagues, music and video files with friends, provide your students to access from off campus, or sharing your work files so you can access them from home and off-site.

Billing: You will receive annual invoices. We have complete remote access to our servers. They are collocated in Phoenix AZ. We chose this location because we believe this offers us an excellent, uninterrupted hosting solution with the highest bandwidth.